Got Allergies? Need to Choose the Best Home Air Purifier Possible?

This home air purifier guide raises questions you may have asked and gives you clear, simple facts.

Please use it to your advantage by avoiding ineffective products and succeed at getting the clean air you really want.

Which Pollutants Do You Really Need To Remove?

Your best home air purifier protects your lungs from all health threats Will your air cleaner really protect you?

The first key is realizing allergens, dust and smoke are only the tip of the iceberg.

Medical evidence reveals a greater health threat from ultra fine particles.

Your typical home air purifier does little to remove these pollutants.

Sufferers of respiratory problems like asthma, COPD, hyperreactive airway or MCS especially need to remove ultra fine particles.

Why not learn the real secret to a top home air purifier?

Which type home air purifier cleans the air best?

Determine your best home air purifier by comparison against a sound performance standard Reject poor performers

It's good to have choices, but not if you lack the information to choose confidently.

Knowing the limitations of different types of air cleaners lets you reject poor performers and focus on the best one for your needs.

To help you make a satisfying choice examine how these common air purification systems compare and learn how they perform against the most harmful pollutants.

You'll be apalled by how many are a waste of money or even dangerous.

Is it true HEPA filters really are the best choice?

The best home air purifier you can buy uses HEPA filters HEPA air filters are the gold standard

If your goose laid golden eggs would you complain it was too noisy, wasn't handsome and was too fat?

Would you trade it for one laying rotten eggs?

Why then do people fault HEPA filter purifiers when only these perform to the exacting standards needed by medical facilities and high tech?

Here is your "golden opportunity" to learn why HEPA filters are the best air purification you can buy.

Do you need to remove odors and chemicals?

The best home air purifiers for odor use activated carbon blends to trap gases and chemicals Do you need to remove odors & gases?

Many home air cleaners include a trifle amount of activated carbon so they can claim to remove odors.

Others misrepresent ozone, a lung irritant, as an odor destroyer due to its sweet smell and ability to desensitize your nose.

If you need chemical control knowing how actvated carbon, chemisorbers and catalysts really work is vital.

Learn how to remove odors & gases. Coming Soon.

How can you identify quality?

Quality construction is essential to the best home air purifier Poor quality isn't always this obvious

Do you know the factors you should consider when determining the quality of a home air cleaner?

For instance, just because an air cleaner claims to use HEPA filter media doesn't mean the air cleaner itself will perform at that standard.

Poorly made media, loose housings, poor gaskets and seals, and air bypassing to cool a cheap motor all reduce effectiveness.

Make sure your home purifier really works as you expect. Coming Soon.

How do you choose the size air purifier you need?

Home air purifier room size ratings are not always accurate What if the Grande comes half empty?

One of the many deceptive tricks is misrepresentation of capacity.

Marketers often rate room size on just one air change per hour, not the recommended six.

They use free flow CFM ratings, that means without filter resistance, to boost apparent output.

Learn how to calculate how much capacity you need and where you can get accurate ratings. Coming.

How do you balance needs and air purifier cost?

Get the most home air purifier for your money Spare your budget an evil fate

The wrong choice is always more expensive than the right one, even if the price is the same.

And speaking of price, most people do not understand that price is no guarantee of quality or performance in a home air cleaner.

Why? Because shady marketers churn out inferior products by the hundreds (over 800, the last reliable numbers I saw) and sell them for "what the market can bear".

These products can be quite expensive while providing little to no value. Some are even dangerous.

Learn to make savvy comparisons and strike the balance between what your budget can afford and the performance you need. Coming Soon.

How do you choose the best air purifier supplier?

Choosing the right home air purifier supplier is just as important as choosing the right air cleaner Is this the best way to make a decision?

Price, selection, service, return policies, guarantees, shipping.

Even if you've decided upon the best home air cleaner should you place an order at any online store?

Why not guarantee a good experience at the best place to buy an air purifier online? Coming Soon.